Working as a Coach is a natural fit. I love and value connection with others, and have always been curious about who we are, what drives our actions or gets in the way of living our most inspired life. 
I love that in the coaching process we move from where we are now to where we want to be, taking full responsibility for the life we want. This work is life changing. 

Through my own coaching experience, I found the tools to shift my thoughts and actions, allowing me to change areas in my life that felt stuck and had prevented me from living more fully. The changes have been transformative and the process continues.
I have learned, and now work with my clients to understand that we are fully responsible for the life we live. We can make a conscious decision to live our greatest and most inspired life, moving from self limiting beliefs and fears into the life we desire. The combination of thought work with even the smallest action steps can have the most profound effect on your life. 

I hold a CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach designation,  trained by Coaches Training Institute  CTI is one of the largest Coach training programs worldwide. I hold my clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole and celebrate what is unique and wonderful about each one. We work together to uncover what is truly possible in any aspect of life. 

I am a member of the Los Angeles ICF, International Coach Federation

My love of yoga began in 1992. Yoga was suggested as a way to ease the pain of an ongoing back problem. I found that the practice not only helped my back, but I began experiencing what I can only describe as a feeling of being at home in my own body. I had this sense of calm I had never felt before and the beginnings of what I now understand as connection to a deeper knowing of myself and possibility. Over the years, my practice both on and off the mat has changed.  Yoga, for me, is the way that I have come to understand my truest nature, honor who I am and connect to what is most important to me.

I hold a Teacher Certification from Samata International, Larry Payne PHD 1993 and Loyola Marymount University in the Healing Arts and Sciences 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training 2011 . I am registered with Yoga Alliance    Over the last 25 years, I have practiced, studied and had the opportunity to participate in workshops with a variety of inspiring teachers. Yoga, both on and off our mats can be a beautiful practice to help us embrace life more fully as we move forward. By honoring just where we are in body and mind as we come to our mats, we have available to us a way to explore  who we are and what brings us the peace, the calm, the centeredness we may seek, or simply a practice to feel good in our body, and a way to relax our minds.  

I believe that all parts of our lives are intertwined. We don't make movement in one aspect without reaction from another part. I am moved by this work and absolutely love that the discoveries are endless. 

Are you ready to live your most inspired life? Let's talk.