Whole Life Coaching

Whole Life Coaching is the process of moving through those obstacles that prevent us from living fully and reaching our goals, whether that is living a more authentic life, or making transitions in areas of life that no longer serve you. Taking full responsibility for the life you want begins the shifts. As your coach, I ask the questions and hold the space for my clients to uncover the answers that are right for their lives.  I never tell my clients what to do, but rather walk with them assisting in their own process. Sustainable change happens when we take full on ownership of our life and actions, and the transformations can be profound.

Possible topics for Whole Life Coaching…

Are you living the life you really desire? Come explore what that life could look like, how to create it, and what may be getting in the way.

Are your relationships as satisfying as you want them to be? Where are you holding back?

Is there something you are ignoring in your life preventing you from really living?

Are you in transition either by choice or circumstance and not sure which way to turn?

My current hot topics....

Positive Aging...how do you feel about getting older? Have you embraced this time and all its gifts? Are you grasping to hold on to your younger face, body, sexuality....some part of your younger self? 

The Modern Woman's guide to minimalism, set yourself free, and live your most inspired life.

Simplify, your lifestyle, your space, your finances, and more.....

Defining Your Top Values, and how that leads to living your most Inspired life

Dating and sexuality...Yes, it can be a great adventure

Navigating a new start after divorce, end of a relationship or life change for any reason....so much possibility. What do you really want in this next chapter?

My coaching work is customized to meet your goals. Contact me and let’s talk about how coaching can move you forward and into the life you want.

Client Testimonials...

My coaching experience with Lori has resulted in insights that are unrivaled in contrast to other coaching I have experienced.  My approach to communication and decision making are now vastly different than when I started.  Additionally, I have developed a renewed sense of purpose that I was able to leverage to secure a new role within my company.  I couldn't be more pleased and more grateful for my coaching experience with her.  Greg E

I started seeing Lori Kleiman because I needed the kick in the pants that she does so well.  The reality is Lori helps you start investigating your life and what your values are and that in turn gets you moving.  She can get you thinking in new ways.  Always pushing you a little deeper.  She kept me accountable.  Lori is the best!  Run don't walk to let her help you move forward in your desired direction. --Conni Ponturo, Owner The Absolute Yoga & Pilates Studio

Lori’s caring, loving and compassionate manner made my experience through a rough time feel safe and supported. She was there supporting me while challenging me to really look at the perspectives I held in so many areas of my life. I started to see my life so differently and made decisions that have more to do with what I really want in life, not what I thought I should do. Wow, what a difference my coaching experience with Lori made in my life. --Sheri M

Decades of whole-hearted listening, a loving and nurturing way, genuine, open, non-judgmental, intuitive, and wise. For 30 years she has been a profound guide throughout my journey. I celebrate who she is, and the incredible ways she can touch others lives. --Evan K