Happy Friday!  @elephantjournal

To all the amazing women in my life....your strength, wisdom and love make this world a better place. Celebrating you all today and everyday πŸ’œ@elizabeth_gilbert_writer  #internationalwomensday

Taking in the beauty of Santa Barbara πŸ’™#santabarbara #meditation #love

Love the message, loved the morning spent at @kingfisher_road and love the photographer @stylewithkat That’s a whole lot of love πŸ’œ#spiritualgangster #donthatemeditate

Meet Lola James Svarc, my sweet great niece. This little angel arrived January 24 2018, born to @taysvarc and @croccy23  We are all in love πŸ’œ

Bonding with my granddaughter and beautiful Abbie πŸ’—@smallbunny @icsomuchbeauty


This little wild child turns 27 today. Happy birthday my sweet Danielle. I love you so much πŸ’œ@rubyboobiekleiman

Join me for this 28 day challenge. πŸ’œ@sharonsalzberg a favorite teacher as wonderful guide.  6th Annual meditation challenge #commit2sit #sharonsalzberg #mindfulness #meditation

This little boy turns 32 today. Happy birthday to my sweet, loving, kind and soulful son Evan. Celebrating you always. Oh, how I love you so...πŸ’™ @icsomuchbeauty

Oh Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah, come light the Menorah πŸ’™

How the years have flown. Enjoying the memories and loving this pic. πŸ’œ 1993

I am preparing for my next exciting adventure and spent the weekend going through boxes...really big and heavy boxes of pictures and stuff that had been packed when I left my Calabasas house four and half years ago. These four boxes were moved three times separate from my apartment things, as they were too big to fit the spaces I have lived. Though they contained many treasures, there was so much that I knew could go, and these boxes became a weight. I know....only four.  As I go through and lovingly weed through, I am reminded of the journey that lead me to my minimalist lifestyle. It is a choice that allows for spacious inspired and peaceful living. I look at these pictures and see that my space and life in ways are much smaller, and though I have loved my life, now..as I get older, it gets richer and bigger in many ways as I live in alignment with my value of living a simpler life with an emphasis on relationships with those I love, and more experiences over things. I separated the most essential memories from those boxes and will enjoy knowing just where to go when I want to take a walk down memory lane. The weight of the boxes that I knew contained both loving memories and duplicates of pictures and more....things that were not going to be enjoyed by me or my loved ones is gone. In its place....more of what I love. πŸ’œ#lessismore #peaceful #minimalism #lovemylife #mindfulness #simplicity

Double Double Toil and Trouble.  While repacking boxes of a lifetime of memories, I’ve found endless treasures. This picture of me and my sis @jwid.la will always remind me of one of the funniest nights and memories. October 1993.

Going through old pictures and loving this treasure. πŸ’œ February 2004 #lovemykids

Love these beautiful succulents πŸ’œ  #succulents

Monday inspiration. I say yes to that message. πŸ’œ  Repost @peacefulmindpeacefullife  #mindfulness

Yep, that says it all. Happy Thanksgiving 🍁  #grateful #thankful #blessed #mindfulness

Meditation πŸ’œ My favorite go to practice at any time for an instant attitude adjustment,  and peaceful way to get present,  feel centered and grounded. Ahhh, so good.  #meditation #peaceful #love #mindfulness

πŸ’™ #mindful #peaceful #trustyourjourney #wednesday #love

Oh, yes you are!  Happy Friday! πŸ’œ  Repost @soulhumstudios #mindful #meditation #friday #succulents

Thank you πŸ™πŸ» lovely @wendijcohen for a beautiful meditation tonight at @soulhumstudios This is what the world needs more of. #meditation #peaceful

Oh....the trees. #southernoregon #peaceful #trees

Laurelcrest Drive πŸ’œSouthernOregon beauty  #southernoregon

Hello little ones πŸ’œ  #southernoregon #peaceful

Thank you @peacefulmindpeacefullife and C. S. Lewis for this wonderful reminder that it’s never too late to begin again.  #trustyourjourney #peaceful

Happy Monday!  Love this message! β€œYou can always begin again” @sharonsalzberg  #insightla #thichnhathanh #mindfulness #trustyourjourney

My soulful son married these two sweet souls last night. Beautiful wedding. #sterntoya

Birthday, pumpkin πŸŽƒ carving fun for Mimi @miche_mama with Moms,daughters,sisters, cousins, friends πŸ’œ @rubyboobiekleiman @gretapics @madeleinenimoy @nancynillo @smallbunny  #familylove

All right!  #trustyourjourney

Beautiful Oregon Coast

Happy Friday πŸ’œ  #loveiswhywearehere

Feeling Ojai today πŸ’œ  #Ojai #trees #peaceful

Feeling inspired and creative today! New opportunities present themselves when I’m open and present. Love how the Universe works.  Regram @alc_ltd  #feelinginspired #trustyourjourney

Happy Monday πŸ’œ#loveandkindness #trustyourjourney

This is what my Modern Family looks like. Oh boy, do I love these people. Missing @icsomuchbeauty @smallbunny and a couple others πŸ’œ

Peaceful space for a powerful coaching session with my beautiful client today! #personaltransformation #peaceful

Reminding myself to breathe and stay present today. A few deep breaths will always center me.  So good!  #breathe #loveandkindness

Love and kindness πŸ’œ  @insightla #loveandkindness

All right then... let’s do this. πŸ‘

Sunday funday with @jimlichtenstein

Working my super power everyday. Where’s my cape? πŸ˜‰ #calmisasuperpower

Good plan ❀️ The eat half part, might be a challenge πŸ™ƒ @insight

Oh, the fun we had πŸ’œ@kingfisher_road πŸ“· @stylewithkat @spiritualgangster

Beautiful meditation and time with my sis at our Temple today. πŸ’œ

My Temple today.....

Saturday hike with these two. Happy me!

All around me πŸ’œ You?

Occasionally that goes past 9:00 pm πŸ˜‰Call me crazy! @elephantjournal

Sunday fun! Let's hear it for frolicking πŸ’œ

Oh yes we can! πŸ’œ

Oh yes! πŸ’œ

So True!  How is your energy flow? πŸ˜‰@tonyrobbins

Exploring DTLA with my treasured friend. What a treat πŸ’œ

So good @elephantjournal  @icsomuchbeauty and @rubyboobiekleiman Are you giggling?

Momma, daughters, sisters πŸ’œ

Happy Tuesday  regram @alc_ltd

Sunday Yoga Love πŸ’œ

I say yes to that! @daniellelaporte

Thank you for the inspiring connection @susansalzman

Sisters πŸ’œ

Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter in law Abbie. @smallbunny I love and adore you. πŸ’œ

Portland with my girl. So fun πŸ’œ

My new mantra! #liveagreatstory


Check out our bride! ❀️ #kleimandowntheaisle

Engaged ❀️

Beautiful night celebrating Evan and Abbie's engagement!

Coffee Party Surprise with @gretapics , @smallbunny , @icsomuchbeauty and @rubyboobiekleiman

The Sisters 9-13

Snow Day!

Classic Taylor and Evan

My girls playing a little tune!